Video: Cooking Chicken Mizutaki Hot Pot

Video: Cooking Chicken Mizutaki Hot Pot


This gorgeous hot pot, Mizutaki, is one of my favorites, a rustic dish that hails from Hakata, an old section of the southern Japanese city of Fukuoka. It's simple, down-to-earth and a snap to prepare (like all hot pots!). I mean, it's chicken in chicken broth, how fundamental is that? Accent with a condiment called yuzu kosho to add citrusy, peppery notes, and you're set. Here is the full version of the clip I posted earlier, of Tadashi and I walking you through cooking this dish. Note that we're using an enameled cast iron pot like Le Creuset, which is a perfect cooking vessel for hot pots...

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Comments (4)

I have that same bouillabaise pot! I never thought of using it for hotpot. Why not? My husband's Aunt makes a wonderful Chinese style hotpot meal each holiday season. It's been a tasty tradition. Maybe this year we'll make our own. This is different from shabu shabu in that ingredients are simmered in the broth, not just swished through it. Yes? Beautifully done - thanks!
The mizutaki reminds me of the good old days when I used to get together with my bunch of my colleaques after work and had a good time. It's a perfect party food and it brings people together.
Without a doubt i cannot wait for your hotpot cookbook to come out...i, too, use my creuset with my table top burner for anything japanese and there anything better than sitting at a table with a great bunch of people and a great bottle of sake, cooking and talking and even laughing???
This looks so delicious. I love soup and will definitely try this hotpot. It doesn't seem too difficult to cook plus the ingredients should be easy to find here. I agree with SushiTail. Hotpot is always good to bring people together. Everyone gets to eat the components he likes to most, you can chat while waiting for food getting broiled. Since we usually don't use gas stove here in Germany, I use the rice cooker to keep the soup warm. It works fine though.

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