Videos: Japanese Knife Skills

Videos: Japanese Knife Skills


For me, one of the great pleasures of studying Japanese cuisine has been perfecting my Japanese-style knife skills, techniques that open a range of cooking possibilities -- and not just for pros. While expertly slicing fish for sashimi is a specialized ability that can take years to master, home cooks can greatly improve their knife skills by learning a just few simple cutting methods. In the video that follows, I join my coauthor Chef Tadashi Ono at Matsuri restaurant in New York to demonstrate a few of these techniques (please note the video starts in black for 5 seconds). If nothing else, hold your knife like Tadashi does, and you'll dramatically improve your slicing mojo.

I've also added a couple of bonus videos below, too, of cooks in Japan demonstrating breathtaking katsuramuki with a daikon, and breaking a fish. Man, do these guys have skills! I can only dream...

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Comments (3)

Love it =) Great post as usual!
Unbelieveable: definitely an art - knife-manship
Fantastic. Awesome with katsuramuki video. Book arrived while I was away last week. First Hot Pot Saturday for Football party with a couple of friends. Cannot wait.

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