"New York" Hot Pot

"New York" Hot Pot


Tomatoes, garlic... hot pot? When the local Japanese-language newspaper in New York, Japion, contacted us about doing a story about our hot pot book, Tadashi got inspired to create a New York-style hot pot. He based it on our Sumo Wrestler Hot Pot recipe in the book (page 105), but decided to add tomatoes and garlic. This flourish isn't as far-fetched as it seems. Tomatoes are incredibly rich in umami, the natural savory taste that's a hallmark of Japanese cooking. So they melded perfectly with the other flavors of this dish. Here's what went into the dish: Garlic, fresh tomatoes, canned whole tomatoes, tomato sauce, shiitake mushrooms, onions, chicken balls, pork belly, napa cabbage and shungiku. He used tori gara, Japanese-style chicken stock, to make the broth (p. 32) and flavored it with Sendai miso (a rustic, intense red miso), sake and soy sauce. For shime, the finish, he used spaghetti instead of udon! I don't have a formal recipe for this hot pot, but if you're comfortable cooking these dishes, use the Sumo Wrestler method as your guide. Any adventurous cooks out there make this dish - please let me know! (Here's the article we were in, in Japanese.)

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Comments (2)

I am a firm believer that not everything with the word 'New York' is better...but I definitely see the connection in this hot pot. LOL
Honto! This also looks oishii. Does Tadashi have one of those bamboo things to make the chicken balls? I have to get one of those next time I'm in Tokyo. There's a great chicken hot pot place on the river in Nakameguro that uses them. This reminds me of that place and is getting me hungry. Japanese style spaghetti is so great too -- remember that little place J-Pasta in NY? Something else for you cover one day.

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