Videos: Fish Tempura & Oroshini

Videos: Fish Tempura & Oroshini


Making tempura is tricky, but if you understand the underlying fundamentals, you can definitely get the hang of it at home, and impress family and friends! (Not to mention cook a super delicious meal.) In the two-part video, we explain how to prepare flawless tempura, from our workshop at EN Japanese Brasserie. In the next video, we get into oroshini, deep fried fish served in a tempura dipping sauce, also delicious (and easier to prepare). Please don't hesitate to ask any questions in the comments. Here are the proportions:

4 fluke fillets
4 large, whole shrimp, with their heads intact (preferably)
400 cc dashi
100 cc mirin
100 cc shoyu
150 grams all purpose flour (you can also use special tempura flour)
200 cc water
1 egg

320 grams monk fish (8 pieces, 40 grams each)
400 cc dashi
100 cc mirin
100 cc shoyu
Grated daikon

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Comments (2)

is this batter recipe considered "authentic" (e.g., not american restaurant tempura, but japanese restaurant tempura)? i am assuming so, but i figured i'd ask. my personal recipe is a family one from my mother, and i've massaged it over the years. it's similar to this in a few ways, but i'm intrigued by this recipe as well. i use egg whites (no yolk), and i also add cornstarch and use a mix of rice flour and regular white flour. i was happy to see the explicit instruction to keep the batter COLD, because this is something i've learned over the years, too, so it seems i'm on the right track. i usually make tempura for new year's eve dinner, so this is all making me very, very hungry. ^_^
We think you should bring an EN Brasserie to Los Angeles - great classes.

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