Grill Time! Need Recipe Testers for New Cookbook

Grill Time! Need Recipe Testers for New Cookbook

Join the team of volunteer recipe testers for the new cookbook 'The Japanese Grill' by Tadashi Ono and Harris. No prior testing experience needed, just a passion for Japanese cuisine and grilling. Test and evaluate grilling recipes from classic yakitori to contemporary Japanese-style dishes. Commit to cooking and evaluating at least four dishes by mid April with a standard charcoal or gas grill. Contact Harris at to get involved!

Dear JFR readers: Thank you for your overwhelming response to this post! We now have our testing team in place, folks from around the world. Very exciting. Thank you again -- Harris (March 19th)

Calling all friends of the Japanese Food Report! Just in time for summer grilling (or winter grilling south of the equator), my coauthor Tadashi Ono and I are in the thick of writing an exciting new cookbook for Ten Speed Press called, appropriately enough, "The Japanese Grill." We're now organizing a team of volunteer recipe testers to evaluate our dishes, and need your help.

What does this mean? As a recipe tester, we'll send you grilling recipes along with a response form. You'll cook them, and tell us what you think. Do the instructions work for you? Did the dish turn out delicious? (But, of course.) Anything confusing or unclear?

Tadashi and I have been grilling everything from classic yakitori and shioyaki (salt grilling) to contemporary Japanese-style steaks, burgers, fish, veggies and more. We want to make sure these recipes are as good as possible, and would love to have you try them out.

No prior recipe testing experience required. All you need is a standard outdoor charcoal or gas grill (a Weber is perfect). We're looking for enthusiastic home cooks who hunger (so to speak) to learn more about Japanese cuisine and grilling. We ask that you commit to cooking and evaluating at least four dishes by mid April.

If you're interested, and can make a serious commitment, please email me at harris [at] japanesefoodreport [dot] com. Tell me a little about yourself, what you'd like to cook (meat, poultry, veggies, fish) and where you're located (anywhere is fine). Let me entice you with a bit of grilling eye candy: