Sign Up For Master Class & Tasting: Japanese Hot Pots!

Sign Up For Master Class & Tasting: Japanese Hot Pots!


I'm delighted to announce that my pal and coauthor Chef Tadashi Ono and I will be teaching a MASTER CLASS ON ALL THINGS HOT POT! I hope you can join us at Tadashi's Manhattan restaurant. Hot pots, the delicious subject of our cookbook, are the quintessential Japanese comfort food, easy, one-pot meals of wholesome ingredients poached in a mouthwatering broth. They're the perfect sociable meal to bring together family and friends, the perfect dish to warm your soul on a frigid winter day (make that snowy frigid winter day, if you live in the Northeast). Tadashi and I will teach you everything you need to know to prepare hot pots, and more -- 'cause, you see, the little secret here is that if you learn how to cook hot pots, you'll understand the fundamentals of cooking anything Japanese. In fact, preparing this homey soul food introduces you to almost every ingredient and key technique of the cooking. Tadashi and I will cover dashi, knife skills, foundation ingredients, key seasonings, accents and garnishes, and more. And we're going to cook a trio of delectable hot pots for you to taste and savor. But of course. Space is very limited, so sign up now! Here are the details:

When: Wed, February 16th, from 7 to 9p
Where: Matsuri (click here for map)
Cost: $60 per person

To register, please click on the BUY NOW button below and follow the instructions:

I'm sorry, this class is sold out! Next one in March, please watch for announcement...

(Please note, registration is non-refundable)

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Comments (3)

I'll be there!
I bought your cookbook over the holidays and have enjoyed several recipes out of it already. I especially like the anecdotal information you have introducing the recipes, as well as the detailed descriptions of various ingredients that can be used for nabe. Just commenting as a satisfied customer :p
Harris - I would *love* to attend one of your master classes and would drive down from Boston for sure. However, Wednesday evening is a tough one. Friday, Saturday or Sunday afternoon and I'm in!

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