Hot Pot Videos: Theory, Ingredients and How-To

Hot Pot Videos: Theory, Ingredients and How-To


Here are a series of videos from the hot pot master class Tadashi Ono and I led last month. I think you'll find them informative. The first gets into the basics of hot pot cooking (and Japanese cooking in general). The second talks about the fundamental ingredients of hot pot cooking. And finally, in two parts, we explain how to prepare one of our favorite hot pots, the iconic chanko nabe, sumo wrestler hot pot. Enjoy...

Please click on the "read more" link below to view the how-to videos:

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Comments (2)

I made a hot pot last week and saw a lot of earthen cooking pots at the local Japanese store for dirt time I will buy one. However, what about the clay; if it is from Asia how do I know if it doesn't have lead in it? Lead is not good in cookware clay.
This is a link to my post today which is entirely inspired by Harris and Tadashi's many videos and their book on hot pots. I hope Harris you will be proud to see my version of Hot Pot. Thank you ever so much and I hope that your many friends and family are safe back home in Japan. Their culture and their world is not lost on any of us as you can see.

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