Nagoya Soul

Nagoya Soul


Gimme this down-home joint any day over some fancified restaurant. When I arrived in Nagoya last week, my fried Yuko reserved a couple of seats at Ichii, an izakaya (eating pub) set along a narrow alley in the center of the city. I knew it was my kind of place the minute we walked in the door. Coolers held dozens of kinds of sake. Cooks worked in an open kitchen. Large ceramic bowls filled with one homey food after the other beckoned on the dining counter. Groups of salarymen and couples packed the place, eating, drinking, laughing. As we sat down, Yuko told me that the taisho (owner) wanted to retire a couple of years ago, but hundreds of people signed a petition begging him to stay in business. I quickly understood why. The food was the kind of honest Japanese grub that I love, love, love: simmered new potatoes, simmered eggplant, tofu and green beans in dashi, mottsu (intestine) stew, braised fish, and tebasaki -- Nagoya's signature deep-fried chicken wings. Wow. As we ate, the taisho stopped by, happy to see us enjoying ourselves. How could we not? Here are some pictures from this fantastic joint. (Ichii in Nagoya: (052) 201-6222)

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I am so proud to be able to say that if you are ever in Montreal to check out two Izakaya places to eat: one is called Imadake and the other is Kazu both owned by young chefs. Montreal is home to not just the French connection and the English, we have a young Asian population and both places are not only inexpensive but serve up the freshest most delicious take on their own contrived dishes. For those not in the know Montreal also houses about 5 universities including McGill.

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