japan's far north

japan's far north


Ever since I started traveling to Japan, I've been fascinated by the "edges" of the country -- the reaches beyond hypermodern Tokyo. I just returned from researching story assignments in Kyoto, and also Tohoku, Japan's rugged far north - one of those edges. What a trip. In Tohoku I learned how traditional food culture endures there, and how its mountainous geography and harsh climate have shaped the way people eat. I met farmers, fishermen, cooks, sake makers, Buddhist priests, moms and grandmoms who carry on food customs handed down through the generations. I learned about the role of naturally preserved fish and vegetables, wild uncultivated greens and even game in the diet. And I got to feel the soul of the place through the warmth and kindness of strangers who invited me into their homes, kitchens, barns, breweries and workshops. More to come...

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