Cooking with En Japanese Brasserie's Chef Honma

Cooking with En Japanese Brasserie's Chef Honma


I recently visited En Japanese Brasserie to learn more about Chef Yasuhiro Honma's fantastic cooking. As regular readers of the Report know, En, a branch of a Tokyo restaurant group, is one of my favorite restaurants in New York (my top picks here). Chef Honma, who cooked at En in Japan before moving here, creates a modern izakaya cuisine at the restaurant -- a procession of elegant tapas-style plates highlighting seasonal ingredients. He graciously showed me how to prepare a few of his wonderful dishes, which I will share with you over the next week. I decided to focus on his dashi-infused dishes (age bi dashi), because it's such a great technique to delicately flavor vegetables -- and it's simple to prepare at home. Also, as an added bonus, Chef Honma taught me how to prepare his knockout duck breast -- one of my favorite dishes at En! Here are the dishes coming up:

  1. Japanese Mushroom Ohitashi
  2. Fried Eggplant Served with Dashi
  3. Mild Japanese Peppers with Kobu Seaweed
  4. Sautéed Duck Breast with Grated Daikon in Ponzu Citrus Soy

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Comments (1)

I'm sort of on a Japanese food journey myself and I came across your site looking for a nabe recipe. Also, went to En Japanese Brasserie in NYC a few days ago with my wife and kid and we all loved the food and service. The manager took my sashimi-chomping 6-year old to the kitchen and one of the chefs showed him the sushi knives. I thought it was a nice touch! Great site.

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