Hot Pot Book Countdown: The Videos

Hot Pot Book Countdown: The Videos


I thought you'd enjoy a sneak peak at the videos Tadashi Ono and I have been putting together at Matsuri for the upcoming release of our Japanese Hot Pots cookbook. In the next few weeks, we're planning to shoot a bunch of short videos to demonstrate the simple techniques we talk about in our book. In these initial videos, we walk through cooking entire dishes, first, salmon hot pot (Ishikari nabe) and second, chicken mizutake. Our aim is to make hot pot cooking as accessible as possible to our readers!

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Comments (3)

Harris, I cannot wait to get this book! I have loved Japanese cuisine for as long as I can remember. Having grown up on Guam I was exposed at a really early age to the food of many cultures. I was wondering if you were going to offer autographed copies through this site or do book signings across the country. Would love meet you if that is ever a possibility. If not I will definitely order through your Amazon site. Love the videos you made with Tadashi Ono. Thank you for posting them here.
Thanks for your nice note, Vivian. Hey, that's a great idea -- sure, I'll offer signed copies on the JFR and also on our upcoming hot pot website (not live yet, but will be Thanks for reading the JFR! Harris
Nice video Harris. I'm really looking forward to the book.

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