Our Hot Pot Book Has Published!

Our Hot Pot Book Has Published!


When you see a conga line waiting to sample some delicious hot pot it can only mean one thing: the book is out! We celebrated the launch at Matsuri last night, appropriately, with a bunch of delicious hot pots. And lots of great sake, too, of course. Please check out the book at Barnes & Noble or Amazon. And watch these new videos we recently put together. The first goes into more detail about Hakata chicken hot pot, and the next one explains how to make napa cabbage-spinach rolls, which are beautiful and practical, too.

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Comments (13)

Congratulations, Harris and Tadashi! I know the book will be a hit. It's on my Christmas present list for several friends this year. All the best, Mora.
Omedeto gozaimasu! Congratulations on the nabemono book. I plan to send copies to friends in Paris, London and San Francisco. Best, Kate K
Harris and Tadashi, I wish you great success with your new book. I can't wait to get a copy and will probably end up buying several to give as gifts this year.
Sue-goy!! Congratulations om getting through the editing and publishing process! I can't wait to see and buy this -- definitely on my Xmas list for friends as well -- is there a book tour scheduled? Best, Jim
Congratulations Harris! I'm looking forward to cooking from your book. I make Chinese hot pot often but I've never tried Japanese hot pot. All the best-- Nate
Wow...congratulations and i cannot wait to get my hands on a copy....
Congrats Harris! Cant wait to read this one! I almost never buy cook books but this is an exception.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and good wishes! Tadashi and I greatly appreciate it.

We plan to hold a number of hot pot-related events in New York starting next month, and also in Washington, D.C., and hopefully other cities, too. (What could be a better antidote to a Chicago winter than hot pot!) I'll announce them in the coming weeks.

Thanks again, Harris

Harris, You rock! Congrats on the book and hope to see an appearance in Hong Kong soon. I'm on the way w/the fam to Kyoto Tuesday and searching your site for all the culinary possibilities. xxDiana and the Wus
Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing it in bookstores here soon! The videos are great too.
Honto ni! Now I need a good donabe to cook up all these dishes. I'm going to Mitsuwa tomorrow to buy some Jidori chicken just for this.... Omedeto gozaimasu いいですねp
Happened on your appealing books in quest for things Japanese for holiday gifts. On my list now for sure. The videos are terrific! Burning question: I'd like to pair the hot pot cookbook with an actual hot-pot for a more significant present. Which brand or style of hotpot do you recommend--for function and for appearance? I prefer to patronize Japanese stores here in Berkeley if possible, but will shop internet if necessary for the best-to-use and esthetically pleasing product. Thank you!
Thanks, Helaine! Try to find a handmade, earthenware pot called "donabe" (doh-na-beh) in Japanese. They come in many styles and colors. A family run pottery company called Iga Mono makes incredible donabe. I know a few people sell their work in the USA, probably in Berkeley, too. You can also check out a fantastic store down in Venice called Tortoise General Store (www.tortoisegeneralstore.com). They have an online store and everything they sell is top-notch. -- Harris

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