Yuzu-Kosho Grilled Scallops

Yuzu-Kosho Grilled Scallops


I realize it's a little late for barbecue (at least in NYC), but I want to share this method, which you can also do on the stovetop using a skillet. I learned it from my friend and grill-master-of-the-universe, Chef Tadashi Ono of Matsuri. Sure, we wrote a hot pot cookbook together, but you gotta see this guy in action on the Weber. With this dish, I marinated fresh, astonishingly sweet scallops I picked up at the Grand Army Plaza farmers market here in Brooklyn with soy sauce, olive oil and Yuzu Kosho , a yuzu-citrus and chili condiment I've raved about before on the JFR. It's one of my Japanese ingredients, so aromatic and zesty. I don't want to give exact proportions because that depends on you. When you mix the marinade, go easy on the yuzu kosho at first, add a splash of soy sauce and taste. Keep going until you find the right heat/savory balance. I mixed in the scallops and stuck them in the fridge for an hour, before pan-searing them with a carbon-steel skillet. A cast-iron skillet is perfect, too. If you can get your hands on scallops as fresh as the ones I found, don't overcook: Sear the outsides, and serve; they're fine if they're rare, even raw in the middle. While you're enjoying your scallops, check out this video Tadashi did this past 4th of July. It's loaded with great ideas for barbecue, many of which you can do on the stovetop (plus excellent fireworks video!):

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Wow, I like the idea of combining tomato sauce with miso for Japanese style bbq sauce. Thanks for the inspiration.

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