Osaka One-Bite Gyoza

Osaka One-Bite Gyoza


My friends know about me and gyoza. I can't resist these fried-then-steamed dumplings stuffed with pork, napa cabbage and garlic chives, so when we rolled into Osaka, we headed directly to a half-century old joint called Tenpei Gyoza, which claims to be the originator of the city's signature hitokuchi gyoza, one-bite gyoza. The place was 20-seats small, with a rather abridged menu on the wall that read, "gyoza, pickles, beer." What more do you need? An ornery grandma manned the door, while a woman behind a dining counter spooned filling into flour skins and folded dumpling after dumpling. I watched the cook next to her prepare my batch. He lay a dozen gyoza on a hot griddle contraption. When they began to sizzle, he picked up an aluminum kettle and poured water over the dumplings. As steam lifted into the air, he covered the griddle and waited. Five minutes or so later, they were ready.

Make a dipping sauce with one part soy sauce to two parts vinegar, the waiter advised. I added a drop of rayu (chili oil), too, to add some zing. I dipped my first dumpling into the sauce, and one bite later it was gone. What was it like? Crunchy skin, light and juicy insides, with fantastic fragrance and flavor from the garlic chives. In other words, a perfect gyoza. Click here for Tenpei's Japanese website (I love it that they have a website, and it seems, a blog) and check out some photos:

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Comments (6)

I remember having gyoza from one of these stoves in the early 90s in Roppongi. The difference was that the gyoza stove was built into a much larger stove. I've always thought that one day I'd see an electric, home version in a department store sometime.
So you are in Japan now Harris? Cool, me to, staying in Osaka at the moment! I am going to Nakahigashi the 2nd of June and i am very excited! Your articles about him and his restaurant inspired me alot. Thank you! And have a nice trip.
Have a nice stay in Japan Harris!! :-) (and oh you are so lucky to get hold on some gyoza, I'm missing them, and the japanese flavors al together, a lot! :-)
I cannot resist a gyoza either! Nice post!
I want to learn how to be a gyoza master? Where can I find a master to teach me to make gyoza that rank a 10???? Any clue?

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