Video: The Japanese Approach to Fish

Video: The Japanese Approach to Fish


What makes the Japanese way of preparing fish so special? I tackled this question with Chef Chikara Sono of Kyo Ya restaurant at a workshop we did last fall at Saveur magazine. I just got my hands, at long last, on a video clip from that fascinating evening, and I thought to share it with you. In it, I talk about the three key aspects of the Japanese approach to fish. After I spoke, by the way, Chef Sono went ahead and butchered a live fish using a traditional technique called ikejime. Unfortunately the video of that was unusable -- I'll get that on tape someday! Here's the video...

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Comments (4)

Hi Harris, Hope all is well in your life. Just wondering if you're planning another workshop soon - I loved the two I attended. Best - carolee
I was just thinking yesterday that you hadn't posted a Japanese Report. The video was good and your descriptions and passion were felt all the way on the other edge. Thank you
I have been to Japan just once in my life and actually went there for the specific purpose of trying out the best of their fish. My trip there is still limited to just 3 cities: Hokkaido, Tokyo and Ogasawara and I went to what were known at that time as their best seafood spots. From my limited experience, I would say that what makes Japanese seafood so great is a smart combination between top quality seafood (In my lifetime, only other seafood that had impressed me were those of the Indian Ocean, along with some I enjoyed on parts of Mediterranea) mixed with the genius idea of their chefs to keep such top fresh ingredient shining in it's utter simplicity. Their techniques too, count a lot: how to prepare, cut, transport, manipulate the seafood is really inspiring, serious, of high mention. I still prefer my freshest seafood from warm waters like the Indian Ocean and some parts of Mediterranea, but the Japanese truely take their seafood to some serious level of greatness.
I still don't think you can get the full effect of how to prepare a fish the Japanese way even with a video as good as this one.. Good effort though! And The video is great and has a lot of good pointers. -Sylvia Cigar Ratings

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