Shiso Rice

Shiso Rice


The last simple cooking method I explained, simmering, got, well, a little lengthy and drawn out - I said simple, but forgot concise! So let me make amends by offering this exceptionally delicious, exceptionally simple (and concise) method for shiso rice: You need three ingredients, fresh steamed Japanese rice, fresh shiso leaves and good salt (I like arajio, minerally, damp Japanese sea salt). Chop the shiso into fine bits (how? Thinly slice, then chop with a sharp knife so you cut not crush the delicate herb). Mix the shiso bits with salt in a bowl. Mix the shiso salt with hot, steamy rice. Serve, or if you want to get a little fancier, sprinkle roasted sesame seeds to garnish and add another layer of flavor. That's it. Now, you probably noticed, I listed no quantities. That's by design. How much shiso, salt, rice? Taste, taste, taste. What do you think tastes good? Try a little shiso and salt, then add the rice. Add more of the ingredients as you desire. From the picture above, you'll see that I'm talking about rice with chopped shiso, not the other way around -- don't overwhelm the rice. So cook up this delicious, fragrant, and exceptionally simple dish, and enjoy! (And let me know your results in comments.)

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