Video: Foil-Grilled Fish

Video: Foil-Grilled Fish


From our how-to video. Last weekend I moderated an incredible Japanese fish cooking class at EN Japanese Brasserie workshop, here is what's called hoiru yaki in Japanese -- "hoiru" is Japanglish for "foil." This is a super simple technique but the results are amazing. You can foil-grill both whole fish and fillets. Please ask any questions in the comments. Here are the proportions:

Hoiru Yaki
1 whole branzini
10 cc shoyu (Japanese all-purpose soy sauce)
50 cc sake
Pinch salt

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Comments (2)

This is fantastic. I only have one critique. Captioning would be really nice as the kitchen is cavernous and the reverberations makes some of the speech unintelligible. The only other real remedy would be to wear lavalier mics, but that would be more headache than it's worth. Bravo. I'm gonna try this technique! Thanks.
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