Kaki Gohan: Oyster Rice

Kaki Gohan: Oyster Rice


I love mixed rice dishes in Japanese cooking. In this one, Nobuko prepared rice with freshly shucked oysters, delicious. Nobuko washed and rested rice, then added kombu dashi (soak kombu in room temperature water for at least an hour, or even overnight; remove the kombu and use the liquid), and a little soy sauce, sake and salt. She sprinkled the oysters on top, and turned on the cooker. Remember that with any mixed rice preparation, you want to place the ingredients on top of the rice, not mix them together with the rice, so steam and heat can circulate freely between the grains and cook the rice evenly. Once the rice is cooked, gently mix together with the other ingredients, in this case the oysters. Nobuko served the rice with thinly cut nori on top.

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