Japanese Soul Food! Need Recipe Testers for Our New Cookbook

Japanese Soul Food! Need Recipe Testers for Our New Cookbook


Dear JFR readers: Thank you for your overwhelming response to this post! We now have our testing team in place, and have stopped accepting testers for the time being. I may put out the call for more testers in a month, please stay tuned. Thank you again -- Harris (Feb. 28th)

Calling all friends of the Japanese Food Report: We need your help! My coauthor Tadashi Ono and I are now in the thick of writing our biggest, baddest, most exciting new cookbook yet -- and we're organizing a team of volunteer recipe testers. Want to test recipes for us?

The book, tentatively titled "Japanese Soul," is a celebration of our all-time favorite, down-home Japanese comfort foods, to be published by Ten Speed Press. We're talking gyoza, Japanese curry, donburi, tempura, and tonkatsu. There's also ramen, soba and udon. Plus korokke (croquette), kaki-furai and Japanese-style fried chicken. And the list goes on...

What does recipe testing mean? As a recipe tester, you'll help us evaluate our dishes in your home kitchen. We'll send you a set of recipes along with a response form. You'll cook the dishes, and tell us what you think. Do the instructions work for you? Did the dish turn out delicious? (But, of course.) Anything confusing or unclear?

No prior recipe testing experience is required. We're looking for enthusiastic home cooks who hunger (so to speak) to learn more about Japanese cuisine. That, and a good skillet, and you're set! We ask that you commit to cooking and evaluating at least four dishes by the end of March.

Thanks! Harris & Tadashi

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