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4 Workshops, 100 Dishes: Cooking Series at EN Japanese Brasserie

4 Workshops, 100 Dishes: Cooking Series at EN Japanese Brasserie

Join the Japanese cooking workshops at EN Japanese Brasserie in Manhattan, led by Chef Hiroki Abe, to learn fundamental cooking techniques such as Japanese Seasoning, Miso, Fish, Noodles, Nabe, and Rice. Each workshop will be three hours long and feature demos and tastings. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your skills in Japanese home cooking!

Japanese home cooking is incredibly versatile: Learn a few simple techniques and you can cook, literally, hundreds of things. But this simplicity has to be learned. That's why I'm extremely pleased to announce a series of terrific Japanese cooking workshops to be taught by the guy in the picture above, EN Japanese Brasserie's remarkable Chef Hiroki Abe, and moderated by yours truly. We're going to get into that simplicity, that nitty gritty, and explain fundamental Japanese cooking techniques that will give you the power to whip up loads of delicious dishes. It's going to be amazing. The series will consist of four workshops, each three hours long and chock full of demos and tastings. They'll be held on Sundays, starting at 1pm. Here's the rundown:

  1. Japanese Seasoning, October 3rd
  2. Miso, October 24th
  3. Fish, November 14th
  4. Noodles, Nabe and Rice, December 19th

I hope you can make one or all these workshops, to be held at the restaurant in Manhattan. For more information, click on the EN website.