Announcing My New Restaurant -- GANSO!

Announcing My New Restaurant -- GANSO!

Learn about the opening of GANSO, a new Japanese restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn, co-founded by the author and Chef Rio Irie. The restaurant will offer a variety of comfort food, including ramen, Japanese-style fried chicken, gyoza, and veggie dishes. Stay updated on the launch by visiting their website and signing up for the newsletter.

Tis clip from today's NY Times -- my new restaurant GANSO will be opening this summer in Downtown Brooklyn! (map) I'm teaming up with my pal Chef Rio Irie, who's an amazing cook. Wait until you try his food.

In fact, the genesis for this project was a staff meal several years ago at Matsuri restaurant, where Rio served us his special ramen. His noodles were so incredibly good I made an instant note-to-self: Open a restaurant with this guy!

Fast-forward five years, and here we is...

I'll post more about Ganso as we get closer to launching. We'll be open for lunch and dinner, and besides ramen we'll serve all manner of comfort food, from Japanese-style fried chicken to mind-blowing gyoza to tons of veggie dishes. Visit and sign up for our newsletter for updates.

This has been an incredibly exciting time for me, but so busy I have to take a short hiatus from blogging. As soon as Ganso is live, I'll be back with new posts! Stay tuned.