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New Class! Register for Workshop and Tasting at Saveur Magazine

New Class! Register for Workshop and Tasting at Saveur Magazine

Join Chef Chikara Sono of Kyo Ya and food writer Harris Salat for a special Japanese fish cooking workshop at the Saveur Test Kitchen in Manhattan. Learn traditional techniques for cutting, curing, grilling, and simmering fish, and enjoy a special sake tasting with Henry Sidel of Joto Sake.


Please join me as I moderate

**All About Fish: The Japanese Way to Cut, Cure, Grill and Simmer Fish
****A Very Special Workshop and Tasting

Featuring Chef Chikara Sono of Kyo Ya


Monday, December 7th, from 7 to 9:30pm, at the Saveur Test Kitchen

Including Special Sake Tasting with Henry Sidel of Joto Sake

The Japanese way of expressing raw fish is, of course, unparalleled. But doing raw right -- that is, sushi and sashimi -- is a function of deft knife skills, which is a function of years of chef training. So what about the rest of us? That's where traditional techniques for curing, grilling and simmering come in, preparations both chefs and home cooks can make magic with.

Join Chef Chikara Sono of the amazing Michelin-starred Kyo Ya and yours truly, food writer Harris Salat, as we dive into Japanese fish cooking at the Saveur test kitchen in midtown Manhattan. Sono-san is a remarkable chef who hails from Sapporo, which besides its eponymous beer, has long been revered for its breath of fantastic seafood. We're so lucky Sono-san can join us -- it's going to be an incredible workshop.

We're going to start with, well, a fish, a live and flapping fish, and demonstrate the traditional way to butcher and portion it, methods developed hundreds of years ago to respectfully turn a creature into food while preserving its sublime goodness. (Outside of Japanese chefs, traditional butchering is almost never shown here in America. I promise you'll be amazed.) We'll then talk about essential fermented ingredients like miso, soy sauce and sake, and the role they play in infusing fish with mouthwatering umami flavors while naturally diminishing the sense of fishiness. And then we'll get into curing, grilling and simmering, and blow you away with incredible dishes -- dishes that you'll be able to cook, too. Make sure you arrive with an appetite: Sono-san tells me he's also going prepare snacks and a favorite dessert. Go Sono-san!

Rounding out the workshop will be a special appearance by sake authority Henry Sidel, the president of boutique importer Joto Sake. Henry will lead us through a tasting of some incredible artisanal sakes, and add his fascinating insights about Japan's national drink -- I always learn a ton when I listen to Henry talk about sake.

*** Limited to 20 participants

  • Standing only in the test kitchen (no seats)
  • $45 per person
  • To register, please click the BUY button below and purchase through Google Checkout:**

Important notes:

*** Registration is non-refundable

  • Details for access to the Saveur kitchen will be emailed one week before the workshop**

Huge thanks to the team at Saveur for making this possible!