tuna "cutting performance"

Discover the annual Bluefin Tuna Cutting Performance at Mitsuwa Market's stores in CA, IL, and NJ. Watch as the king of Tuna is carved into sashimi pieces right in front of you by skilled 'samurai' and experience the ultimate technique of tuna slicing. Don't miss this fascinating food event! Visit the link for more details.

A JFR reader alerted me to Mitsuwa Market's annual "Bluefin Tuna Cutting Performance" at five of its stores in November (in CA, IL and NJ). As their announcement says, "The king of Tuna... will be carved up into sashimi pieces right in front of you in a moment! The ultimate technique of a single sweep by "samuraI" who thoroughly mastered the knowledge of this monster." I'm breathless just from reading this! Seriously, I've watched tunas being broken and it's fascinating. Click here to find out more. (Thanks, Ann!)