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Two Versatile Miso Dipping Sauces

Two Versatile Miso Dipping Sauces

Learn how to make two delicious and versatile miso dipping sauces introduced by Chef Hiroki Abe at a workshop. The Spicy Aka Miso sauce features savory red miso, while the Yuzu Kosho Miso sauce incorporates aromatic yuzu kosho. These sauces can be paired with grilled steak, chicken, fish, or veggies, and are easy to prepare following Chef Abe's style.

At Sunday's miso workshop at En Japanese Brasserie, Chef Hiroki Abe introduced a couple of fabulous, fast and easy miso dipping sauces that I wanted to share with you. These delicious sauces are super versatile; pair them with a beautiful grilled steak, grilled chicken or fish, or raw or steamed veggies. The first is a Spicy Aka Miso sauce (aka miso is savory red miso), the second is Yuzu Kosho Miso sauce (yuzu kosho is one of my favorite Japanese ingredients, an aromatic condiment made from chilies and yuzu citrus rind and juice). Both sauces follow the same steps to prepare: Whisk together the miso with the dry or paste ingredients; gradually whisk in the liquids to create a smooth sauce; and finally drip in the lovely aromatic roasted sesame oil while whisking to emulsify and complete the sauce. Here are the ingredients, in metric, Abe-san style:

For the Spicy Aka Miso Sauce: 100 grams aka miso (savory red miso); 45 grams sugar; 7 grams tobanjan (spicy bean paste); 35 cc Japanese rice vinegar; 20 cc sake; and 30 cc roasted sesame oil.

For the Yuzu Kosho Miso Sauce: 100 grams shiro miso (savory white miso); 40 grams sugar; 7 grams green yuzu kosho; 20 cc usukuchi soy sauce (thin Kyoto-style soy sauce, or sub with regular Japanese soy sauce); 20 cc Japanese rice vinegar; 20 cc sake; and 30 cc roasted sesame oil.

(In the photo above, clockwise from the top: kinzanji miso, moromi miso (see this guide), spicy aka miso sauce, yuzu kosho sauce)