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Video: Fish Teriyaki

Video: Fish Teriyaki

Learn how to make authentic teriyaki with Chef Abe as he demonstrates the recipe for this glossy grilled salmon dish. The video includes step-by-step instructions and the proportions of ingredients needed for the real-deal teriyaki. Check out the cooking demonstration and try it at home!

Check out how Chef Abe demonstrates how to make the real-deal teriyaki, not the gummy goopy excuse for this technique we find too often here. Teriyaki literally means "glossy grill" -- it adds incredible flavor and appealing sheen to fish (and other ingredients, like chicken). Please ask any questions in the comments. Here are the proportions:

400 grams salmon (4 fillets, 100 grams each)
30 cc sake
30 cc shoyu
30 cc mirin
22 grams sugar