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Video: Foil-Grilled Fish

Video: Foil-Grilled Fish

Learn how to prepare Hoiru Yaki, a Japanese fish cooking technique known as 'foil-grilling,' in this how-to video. The recipe includes whole branzini, Japanese all-purpose soy sauce (shoyu), sake, and a pinch of salt. Watch the video for step-by-step instructions and tips from the Japanese Brasserie workshop.

From our how-to video. Last weekend I moderated an incredible Japanese fish cooking class at EN Japanese Brasserie workshop, here is what's called hoiru yaki in Japanese -- "hoiru" is Japanglish for "foil." This is a super simple technique but the results are amazing. You can foil-grill both whole fish and fillets. Please ask any questions in the comments. Here are the proportions:

Hoiru Yaki
1 whole branzini
10 cc shoyu (Japanese all-purpose soy sauce)
50 cc sake
Pinch salt