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Videos: Miso Curing Fish & Yuan Yaki Marinating

Videos: Miso Curing Fish & Yuan Yaki Marinating

Learn about the versatility of miso as an ingredient in Japanese cuisine, including how to miso-cure fish and marinate fish for grilling using the traditional _yuan yaki_ style. Watch the tutorial videos to master these Japanese cooking techniques.

Miso is such a versatile ingredient (hey, we did a whole class on it). In this installment of our recent fish workshop at how-to video. Last weekend I moderated an incredible Japanese fish cooking class at EN Japanese Brasserie, Chef Abe, owner Reika Yo and I walk through how to miso-cure fish, plus how to marinate fish for grilling yuan yaki style, a traditional, and incredibly easy, Japanese technique. Please ask any questions in the comments. Here are the proportions:

Black Cod Saikyo Miso
160 grams black cod (4 fillets, 80 grams each)
180 cc saikyo miso
60 grams sugar
30 cc shoyu (Japanese all-purpose soy sauce)

Yuan Yaki
160 grams Spanish mackerel (4 fillets, 80 grams each)
1 lemon
200 cc sake
200 cc shoyu (Japanese all-purpose soy sauce)
200 cc mirin